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Tell Fast Food Chains To Stop Serving Up Rainforest Destruction!


Rainforests and carbon-rich peatlands in Indonesia have been destroyed at a record-breaking pace in recent years. The leading causes of this destruction include expanding plantations for agri-business giants involved in the palm oil and paper industries. These disappearing forests are critical habitat for endangered species like the orangutan and Sumatran tiger. When they're cut and burned, they also become a leading cause of climate pollution, making Indonesia the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitter after the U.S. and China. In the last year, leading consumer companies such as Nestle, Kraft and Unilever have begun to take action to clean up their supply chains. But fast food giant YUM! Brands, parent company to Pizza Hut, KFC, Taco Bell and other restaurants, is lagging far behind. Greenpeace has repeatedly documented the company buying commodities linked to deforestation, including paper packaging from Asia Pulp & Paper (APP), a leading forest destroyer in Indonesia. Yet, company executives have refused to take action to protect rainforests…or even acknowledge the problem. It’s time for YUM! executives to stop passing the buck, and start cleaning up their supply chains. Sign our petition to tell YUM! to stop serving up rainforest destruction!

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Chief Marketing Officer, Pizza Hut Brian Niccol -
President and Chief Concept Officer, KFC Roger Eaton
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Office, Yum! Inc. David C. Novak
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Senior Vice President and Chief Public Affairs Officer, Yum! Inc. Jonathan D. Blum
I am outraged about YUM! Brands' role in rainforest deforestation, and urge you to take action immediately to change this. I'm shocked that you have not only not done anything, but also refused to acknowledge the issue.

YUM! Brand companies like KFC have been shown buying commodities linked to rainforest destruction in Indonesia, a country that broke the World Record for deforestation in recent years. This is not only driving endangered wildlife like orangutans and Sumatran tigers towards extinction, it is causing huge amounts of climate pollution. Indonesia is now the world's third largest greenhouse gas polluter after China and the U.S. Making things worse, much of this forest destruction is linked to illegal activities and social conflict. These things don't belong in your products.

Many other companies, including Nestle, Kraft, Kimberly-Clark and Unilever, have taken action to avoid forest destruction in Indonesia. As the world's largest fast-food company it is critical that you do the same. Because of your demonstrated links to APP, I urge you to:

1. Immediately suspend buying from APP and affiliated companies until they commit to stop destroying natural forests and peatlands.

2. Develop a policy to cut forest destruction out of your supply chain, starting with high-risk areas and commodities such as paper and palm oil.

3. Actively support political solutions in Indonesia to protect peatlands and natural forests.

I don't want rainforest destruction with my food. It is time you stopped ignoring this problem, and start taking action to address it. As an industry leader, YUM! can't simply ignore this pressing global issue.

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