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Tell Facebook to Send a Message That It Doesn't Tolerate Violence Against Women

Facebook, the popular social media networking website, is filled with groups and fan pages that promote violence against women. Groups like  "I Want to Hit That Bitch With a Shovel," "That Moment When You Slip Up and Kill a Hooker," and the old favorite, "Women Who Need a Good Slap." These groups are not only offensive, but they clearly violate several points in Facebook's own terms of use. At the same time, perfectly natural pictures of women breastfeeding their babies are being labeled as pornographic and taken down from the site.

Clearly, Facebook has its priorities very, very wrong. The company needs to spend less time sexualizing and demonizing breastfeeding and more time cracking down on content that seriously is offensive.

Simply shutting down the groups in question is not enough. The users themselves who create and/or join these groups need to have their Facebook privileges suspended.

Please tell Facebook that they need to be more aggressive in enforcing their own policies against these groups.

Letter to
CEO Mark Zuckerberg
I am sure that you are aware of the many hateful groups and pages on Facebook right now. I am particularly upset about the alarming number of groups that promote violence against women.

Facebook's terms of use specifically prohibit "content that is hateful, threatening, pornographic, or that contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence." The terms also forbid "malicious" behavior and any actions that encourage the above mentioned violations. Yet, your company wastes time and resources on perfectly natural breastfeeding photos when it could be targeting actual pornography and hate speech.

Removing the offending groups and pages is only a quick, temporary fix. It is imperative that the users who create and join these hate groups have their Facebook privileges suspended or revoked.

Obviously, the current state of things is unacceptable. Stronger response to this hate speech is necessary. Mr. Zuckerberg, it is time for Facebook to send a clear message that it does not tolerate violence against women.

I look forward to hearing about how Facebook plans to address this issue from now on.

Thank you.

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