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Tell Facebook Hate Groups Are Not Acceptable

It is not acceptable for social networking sites such as Facebook and others to allow hate groups which clearly promote violance towards race, religion, sexual orientation, gender etc and yet Facebook continues to be inundated with Hate Groups on a variety of topics some of which are promoting the death of a certain group of people.

Facebook Terms of Service: You will not post content that: is hateful, threatening, or pornographic; incites violence; or contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence.

And yet reporting these groups most times does nothing the groups are allowed to remain when they are in clear violation of the Terms of Service. Groups that are reported take days to be removed if they are removed at all.

Call To Action

We are asking Facebook to implement a policy by which if a group receives a set number of reports that it is clearly a hate group such groups should be suspended until Facebook can review the groups content. By allowing these sites to remain for days after a report has been made only fosters the spread of such hate and violance.

Letter to
CEO Facebook Mark Zuckerberg
VP of Product Facebook Christopher Cox
VP of Technical Operations Facebook Jonathan Heiliger
and 1 other
COO Facebook Sheryl Sandberg
We would first like to thank you for allowing us the interaction your service provides. We truly appreciate the ability to network with many people of different races, orientations, and creeds in ways that were previously not possible.

However one major shortfall in your companies practices are in the way you deal with reported hate groups or profile pages that promote violence towards specific groups based on religion, sexual orientation, race etc. Groups that clearly violate section 7 of your Safety policy.

Groups that are reported using your "Report" feature area are allowed to remain public on your social networking site for days at a time thus furthering the spread of these negative groups or are simply not removed at all.

In a day where technology dominates our lives it should be possible for Facebook to implement a policy and the technology that would remove these groups once reported until they can be manually reviewed by a live person. Even if a set number of reports are added to the policy with an automated system to remove the groups.

Stop the spread of hate Facebook as per your own policies and remove these groups as soon as possible.

Concerned Facebook Users

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