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On February 3, 2012, the District of Columbia published for public notice and comment a Community Involvement Plan (CIP) for the remediation of the Potomac Electric Power Company facility at 3400 Benning Rd., N.E., Washington D.C., 20019.

On February 10th The DDOE began accepting public comments on the community involvement plan for 30 days.

DDOE representative Jared Piaggione set a deadline of March 7th for accepting public comments.


1.The DDOE did very little to promote the public commenting period to the community surrounding the PEPCO benning road plant. The announcement was placed in the DC register a little used and highly complex online resource of the Government of the District of Columbia.

2. The plan was supposed to be available via the DDOE website but is difficult to find and not promoted on the front page or on any notices to community residents.

3.That is technically not 30 days for public comment.

The PEPCO Benning Road Power Plant is historically known for being an environmental injustice to the community leading to increased rates of asthma, cancer and respiratory illness. For decades the blight of the Power Plant has led to decreased property value and contributed to the collection of toxic facilities surrounding the Anacostia Riverfront. The closing of the PEPCO Benning Road Power Plant and Facility is a major step in reducing air pollution for the community. However many fear that it will lead to further gentrification and displacement of local residents.

Community Residents have the right to know what's going on and to comment on the future of their own community!

Tell DDOE to extend the Public Comment Period on the Community Involvement Plan for the Benning Road Facility in Washington, DC for 30-60 more days so community residents can be truly informed and engaged.

 Please Sign the Petition and Tell DDOE: "GIVE THE COMMUNITY TIME and SUPPORT TO  COMMENT!"

With your help we can make sure the voices of the community are truly acknowledged and respected.

Supporting Documents and Resources:

Community Involvement Plan:

Consent Decree Announcement:

Community Involvement in PEPCO Benning Road Clean-up


More on the Environmental Justice Climate Change Initiative:


Letter to
Assistant Attorney General, District Department of Environment Jared Piaggionne, District Department of Environment
District Department of Environment Paul Connor
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Jared Piaggionne, District Department of Environment.

Dear Mr. Paggionne and Mr. Connor,

I am writing in regards to the public comment period on the Community Involvement Plan (CIP) for the remediation of the Potomac Electric Power Company facility at 3400 Benning Rd., N.E., Washington D.C., 20019.

I kindly ask that you extend the Public Comment period for 30-60 additional days to ensure community residents, organizations and elected officials have adequate time to be informed, review and address the CIP.

On February 25, 2012 representatives from the DDOE and PEPCO met with a small group of community and organizational representatives to discuss the CIP. During the meeting several attendees noted that the announcement and CIP were not readily accessible to the community. DDOE representatives admitted that it was difficult to find the CIP on the DDOE website and that no direct notices were sent to community residents about the public comment period. DDOE representatives also stated that no e-mails or notices were sent to ANC commissioners in Ward 5, specifically in neighborhoods that are also within walking distance and directly impacted by the Benning Road PEPCO facility.

I ask that DDOE give a 30-60 day extension to the Public Comment Period for the above stated CIP and:

Place notice of this and future public comment periods on the front page of the DDOE website

Send mailing notices and/or call residents to inform of local public comment periods

Extend direct outreach on the CIP public comment process to all communities including in Ward 5 that are also impacted by the current pollution and future remediation of the PEPCO Benning Road Facility.

Hold an additional Community Town Hall style meeting during evening and/or weekend hours prior to the end of the extended Public Comment period to allow community residents to meet DDOE and PEPCO officials, ask questions and provide official comments on the CIP and the PEPCO Community Advisory Board.

Thank you for reviewing and addressing the comments above. I hope you are able to implement these adjustments.