Petitioning DC Mayor Muriel Bowyer and 5 others

DC City Council and Mayor Muriel Bowser: Open DC public outdoor pools at 10am this summer

DC has invested tens of millions of dollars building new - and renovating old - outdoor aquatic facilities. For parents, students and all others who want to visit a pool to cool down during hot summer weekends, the noon start time makes it difficult, if not impossible, for many to enjoy the facilities. Shade is limited at most all pools and opening just as the sun is at its peak makes it dangerous for the elderly, toddlers and anyone trying to avoid intense sun. By 1pm, the facilities become over-crowded, even dangerous, for younger kids.

Opening the facilities at 10am allows time to enjoy the pool before the noontime sun, it gives older citizens, younger children, parents and other early risers the opportunity to use the facilities before the crowds arrive. Finally, and maybe most importantly, it is a good way to spend a small portion of the budget surplus, giving taxpayers of DC the opportunity to use facilities built with tax revenue.

Letter to
DC Mayor Muriel Bowyer
Dept of Parks and Rec
State Senator Mary Cheh
and 3 others
State Senator Charles Allen
State Senator Jack Evans
State Senator Kenyan McDuffie
Open DC public outdoor pools at 10am this summer. Make the facilities available to parents of young children, students, elderly and anyone who wants to avoid the dangerous afternoon sun and large afternoon crowds.

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