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Tell DC Government To Shelter Families (With Children) This Winter

The winter of 2009-10, with a record 55 inches of snow, was a harsh one for our nation's capital. Of DC's more than 700 homeless families, more than 200 were crammed into a shelter that can accommodate only 135. This amounts to gross overcrowding.

DC Councilman Tommy Wells admitted during a hearing in July 2009 that more family shelter was needed but has failed to create any additional capacity a whole 15 months later. A recent Washington Post article explained that DC still doesn't have enough family shelter as we prepare to go into another winter. Mothers with babies as young as six months have been turned away from shelter for lack of space. And all of this is happening in the capital of the wealthiest nation on Earth.

Tell DC's City Council to do what they have to in order to provide shelter for the city's most vulnerable populations.

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Letter to
DC City Council
You may be aware of the growing number of homeless families in our nation's capital which stood at more than 700 last year, including 1,400 children. In July 2009 Councilman Tommy Wells received reports of there being 285 families on a waiting list for emergency shelter. The nature of an emergency is that there is imminent danger that must be addressed immediately, which makes it ironic and incompetent to put families on a waiting list for emergency shelter.

With it being 15 months later, no additional shelter has been created for DC's homeless families. This is atrocious! Please create more shelter for the homeless families of Washington, DC before another record snowfall hits.