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Tell Davidson Officials, Stop Gassing Animals & Investigate Alleged Animal Cruelty!


To North Carolina Residents, please sign this petition:

Animal rights advocates have filed a complaint alleging animal cruelty at the Davidson County Animal Shelter in North Carolina for allowing untrained and uncertified people to operate the GAS CHAMBER. A complaint has also been filed against gassing an injured dog who had been SHOT in the jaw and the right shoulder.

It’s ILLEGAL in the state of North Carolina for untrained and uncertified people to operate the gas chamber. And it’s ILLEGAL to use the gas chamber to kill sick or injured animals.

In 2009, NC officials made it well known that it’s ILLEGAL to kill shelter animals via gassing, heartstick, or EBI by untrained/uncertified people. Officers need to follow the law, and there is NO EXCUSE not to. So just how many animals have they (allegedly) gassed illegally over the past 2 years? Why is the gas chamber so easy to access? And why is there no responsibility or accountability being taken?

There is NO EXCUSE to allow them to get off the hook! Demand an investigation and appropriate disciplinary action. AND TELL THEM IT’S TIME TO DISMANTLE THE INHUMANE GAS CHAMBER.

For more information, please read the news article below:


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  • Dr. Lee Hunter
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    Tonya Lanier
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    L. Wayne Alley
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    D. Linwood Bunce, II
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    Donald McBride
  • Mayor of Lexington
    Newell Clark
  • North Carolina State House
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    James Myers
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  • Barry Bloch
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    Scott Styers
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    Pat Harris Shelton
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    Jackie Jackson
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    Neal Grimes
  • Thomasville, NC City Government
    Ronald Bratton
  • Mayor of Thomasville, NC
    Joe Bennett
  • North Carolina Governor

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