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Tell Costco to Stop Carrying Deceitful Perdue Farms Products


Earlier this year, animal welfare organizations discovered a troubling fact: Perdue Farms was misleading its customers with labels that were simply untrue.

The labels in question included poultry products claiming to be "humanely raised" and "cage-free." Nothing could be further from the truth.

The animals are treated poorly and forced to live in conditions no better than a factory farm. In order to make a buck off of unaware customers, Perdue Farms slapped a "humane" label on the product, hoping no one would know.

After several violations and a letter from The Animal Welfare Institute, Perdue Farms refused to change the labels nor provide a better habitat for the animals.

Late in November, the Humane Society of the United States had enough of Perdue's ridiculous labels, and filed a lawsuit against the company. 

Costco, a major national chain, is a large supplier of Perdue Farms products. Tell Coscto to stop carrying Perdue Farms products. 

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Letter to
CEO of Costco Jim Sinegal
Perdue Farms has been the culprit of many violations, including environmental, occupational health and safety and animal welfare.

Most recently, poultry products labeled as "humanely raised" have been discovered to be completely untrue. The labels mislead and take advantage of unaware consumers wishing to purchase a humane product.

Earlier this year, Perdue Farms was asked to rectify the situation. They continue to use inaccurate labels and continue to raise poultry in a factory farm setting.

Perdue Farms has lost the respect and trust of its customers. Please pull Perdue Farms products from Costco's shelves. Thank you.

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