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Tell Costco: Stop Supporting Cruelty on Veal Farms

Mercy for Animals recently released footage from an undercover investigation at Buckeye Veal Farms, a Costco supplier.

Veal is an inherently cruel cuisine. The video shows calves chained by their necks to restrict their movement even further in their cramped two-foot wide stalls, where they're forced to live their short lives stuck in their own waste, without the ability to lie down comfortably, run, bond with their mothers, see sunlight, or breathe fresh air.

With induced anemia and weakness, the calves are typically slaughtered and on their way to stores like Costco by the time they're 20 weeks old.

Bob Barker sent a letter to Costco, saying: "As a civilized society, it's our moral obligation to prevent needless animal cruelty. Chaining baby calves in crates where they cannot even turn around is abusive and totally unacceptable."

Join Bob Barker in calling on Costco to stop supporting cruelty and take veal off their shelves.

UPDATE 08/31/10: After viewing the video from Buckeye Veal Farm, Costco said that they will no longer get veal from this particular farm or others that use veal crates ... but they will continue to stock veal from farms that adhere to their new policy. While their intentions may be good in taking a stand against the most extreme forms of confinement that many calves endure, there is no such thing as humane veal. Tell Costco to stop selling all veal products.

Letter to
Costco, CEO Jim Sinegal
I recently learned on of an investigation into the cruel treatment of calves at Buckeye Veal Farm, a former Costco supplier.

The conditions at this farm are considered acceptable and standard in the veal industry. While I applaud your intention in creating a policy against supporting the extreme confinement of chaining calves in veal crates, there is no such thing as humane veal.

Even calves who are given slightly larger stalls will typically never see the light of day. They are torn from their mothers without ever having the chance to bond and are slaughtered by the time they are 20 weeks old. In addition, the color and taste of veal comes from intentionally making the baby cows anemic and weak.

I urge you to stop supporting this cruel cuisine by no longer selling veal products of any kind, from any supplier. The cost of veal is too high.

Thank you.

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