Tell Costco "No more Trump book signings!"

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Despite Costco’s supposed “non-partisan“ public posture, they hosted a book signing event for Donald Trump Jr., on Monday, November 11 in Scottsdale, AZ  With the country clearly and dangerously divided between conservative Trump supporters and those disgusted by the man and his policies, Costco is taking a position to endorse and profit from a book whose title outrageously claims that it is the Left who “thrives on hate.”  

Hold Costco accountable for either lying about or ignoring their policy to “not take positions on social issues, we are not involved in partisan politics, and we do not contribute money to political candidates or issues.”  Express your rejection of Costco pandering to a family who is tearing the country apart with their lies, bullying and manipulation.

Reject the normalization of the Trumps and their nationalistic extremism!

Costco should not expect us to simply ignore this partisan event as they attempt to profit from the propaganda of corrupt politicians who spread hate and division. Sign this petition and let Costco know your membership is on the line if they go forward with more of these events!