Tell @CoryBooker & Congress to Block Trump’s Regime Change War on Venezuela

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On January 31, 23 Senators voted to block Mitch McConnell’s amendment to make it more difficult to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria and Afghanistan. Bernie Sanders voted no. Elizabeth Warren voted no. Kirsten Gillibrand voted no. Cory Booker voted no. Kamala Harris voted no. 23% of Senators voted no, but 100% of the Senators most talked about as candidates for the Democratic nomination for President voted no. It seems that each of these five Senators “hears a different drummer” than the majority of their colleagues - the advancing drumbeat of the anti-war Democratic primary electorate.  
This week, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is expected to vote on a resolution endorsing Trump’s regime change war on Venezuela. The resolution has been stalled over Democratic concerns that it would endorse U.S. military action. The resolution would endorse Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. diplomatic recognition from Venezuela’s government. That decision “basically added a trade embargo on the country, since the government would no longer be able to sell oil to most of its customers.” Cory Booker, who hears the different drummer, is on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. If Cory Booker publicly opposes this resolution, it will instantly become much more controversial.
Democrats who oppose unconstitutional war and anti-civilian sanctions are taking action in the House.
Rhode Island Democrat David Cicilline, a vice chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, is introducing legislation to prohibit any unauthorized U.S. military action in Venezuela.
California Democrat Ro Khanna and Washington Democrat Pramila Jayapal are circulating a letter “rejecting threats of US military intervention in Venezuela, supporting dialogue to resolve the political crisis there, and opposing broad economic sanctions that hurt ordinary Venezuelans.” The vast majority of Venezuelans are opposed to foreign intervention as a means of removing the Venezuelan government and instead want a negotiated solution to the crisis. The letter urges support for a mediation process advocated by the governments of Mexico and Uruguay to promote dialogue instead of civil war. Existing and new economic sanctions have seriously worsened Venezuela’s economic crisis, exacerbating lack of access to life-saving medicines and food. Polls show that most Venezuelans oppose the broad U.S. economic sanctions.
- We call on Cory Booker and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to vote against any resolution endorsing the use of U.S. military force in Venezuela, endorsing Trump’s regime change policy in Venezuela, or endorsing Trump's trade embargo on Venezuela.
- We call on House Members to become original co-sponsors of the Cicilline bill to block the unauthorized use of U.S. military force in Venezuela.
- We call on House Members to sign the Khanna-Jayapal letter to reject threats of U.S. military intervention in Venezuela, support dialogue to resolve the political crisis there, and oppose broad economic sanctions that hurt ordinary Venezuelans.
Join us in calling on Members of Congress to prevent a U.S. regime change war in Venezuela by signing our petition.