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Tell Congress to Stop Subsidizing Oil and Coal


Over the past six years the United States has spent more than $72 billion subsidizing the oil and coal industries.

As the world confronts the dangers of global warming the United States continues to provide taxpayer’s money to subsidize the very industries responsible for the bulk of our country’s greenhouse gas emissions.

At the same time both domestically and around the world politicians are arguing about how to pay for the costs of addressing the climate crisis and finance the development of a new green industries.

The answer is clear: we must stop subsidizing dirty fossil fuels and use that money to build a new fair green economy. We don’t have to raise any new revenue, we simply have to reprioritize our spending.

Send a letter to Congress and tell them to stop subsidizing the giant destructive industries that are threatening our climate.

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It is time for the United States to stop subsidizing the oil and coal industries. There is no reason for us to provide taxpayer-funded support for dirty energy.

We are facing a global climate crisis and we simply cannot afford to prop up outdated heavily polluting industries.

Instead, we should use that money to help invest both domestically and around the world in building a new more equitable green economy based on clean energy.

We can stop global warming, create new jobs, and support green development abroad—without raising any new taxes.

Please, help us move into the new green economy we all deserve.

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