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Tell Congress to Protect Kids from Homelessness and Street Violence


Each year nearly 5,000 children are killed on our streets. Many of these children are vulnerable homeless teens targeted by criminals who buy and sell them into prostitution, subject them to abuse and violence, and often leave them to die anonymously knowing that the public isn’t paying attention.

No one seems to care.

It’s time to fight back and prioritize ending teen homelessness and combating the criminals who victimize our kids on the streets. It’s time to stop ignoring the violence.

For too long our leaders have failed to prioritize protecting our children. They haven’t done enough to keep kids safe from the violence of the streets. That’s why they need to hear from us right now. They need to know that we want more resources, more attention, and a real effort to end this violence forever.

Join the movement to bring the message to our leaders in Washington by signing this petition, demanding that Congress and the President do everything they can to end the senseless deaths of our children on the streets.

Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
Nearly 5,000 children are killed by street violence every year. They are bought and sold by criminals and subjected to abuse and violence. Yet too often we ignore their stories.

I am writing today because we all need to do more to end teen homelessness and to end the senseless deaths of children on the streets.

We need more resources, more attention, and prioritization of this problem in Washington in order to end the violence.

Will you help? Will you redouble your commitment to keeping our children safe and join the effort to end teen homelessness once and for all?

Please, we need your support. We’ve ignored the stories of too many children already.

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