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Tell Congress to Pass the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act

Courageous government employees have saved millions of taxpayer dollars and countless lives by exposing incidents of waste, fraud, abuse, and shocking mismanagement. Unfortunately, the selfless service of these whistleblowers has been met with nothing but hostility. 

National Security Agency whistleblower Thomas Drake is currently facing criminal charges for allegedly sharing information with a reporter about a digital intelligence- collection program that was ineffective, extremely pricey and trampled on citizens’ rights to privacy.

Unheeded warnings prior to the Deepwater Horizon spill are now surfacing. A whistleblower from a different BP oil rig has been trying to expose critical safety lapses for years, whereas the chief engineer aboard the Deepwater Horizon warned that safety alarms that could have prevented the explosion were inoperable.

Franz Gayl, a Marine Corps science and technology advisor, disclosed an terrible bureaucratic delay in sending armor-plated vehicles to Iraq that would have better protected our troops from roadside bombs. Gayl has since faced an unending series of retaliatory investigations.

Robert MacLean is a former Federal Air Marshal (FAM) who was fired for revealing a ridiculous cost-cutting plan to cancel FAM coverage from long distance flights on the eve of a confirmed al-Qaeda suicidal hijacking plan. The plan never went into effect after Congress protested – based solely on MacLean’s whistleblowing disclosure. For his heroic actions, Maclean was fired.

Every day, more federal whistleblowers are the target of workplace intimidation, baseless retaliatory investigations, unjust termination, and even criminal prosecution. This frightening reality cannot be allowed to continue. 

Currently, the House and Senate are both considering legislation that would expand and strengthen the protections guaranteed to federal employees who act in the people's interest to disclose waste fraud or abuse. Unfortunately, the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act has reached a legislative bottleneck, and we need your help to ensure it passes. Please consider signing the petition below. 


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Transparency and accountability are essential for an honest, effective government and marketplace. Institutions, public and private, that operate in the dark reliably abuse their authority and the public trust. It takes a courageous individual to stand up to corruption. It takes a whistleblower.

Whistleblowers shine a light on wrongdoing and threats to public safety. They provide the spark. They make the initial waves. But without critical allies they will sink beneath the waves they create.

Today, federal employees and government contractor employees must put their jobs, careers, and family security on the line for exposing wrongdoing in government. That's the world upside down: Federal law should honor these everyday heroes. Simply put: Protecting whistleblowers is a high impact, low cost, common sense way to make our government open and accountable.

I understand that the reform bill necessary to address this situation, the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act, is facing a legislative bottleneck. This is unacceptable. Please ask leaders on both sides of the aisle to take whatever action is necessary to break this legislative logjam.

Federal employees and government contractor employees are often our best defense against fraud, waste, abuse and threats to public safety and the environment. They urgently need your help. Pass the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act, and give them the protection they need and deserve.

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