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Tell Congress to Make Preventing Malaria Deaths a Priority

Every 45 seconds a child dies from malaria, a disease spread by a single mosquito bite. There are more than 200 million cases of malaria each year. Nearly 1 million of those infected die from the disease, most of them children under the age of five.

Malaria is both preventable and treatable. Insecticide-treated bed nets are a simple and cost-effective prevention tool, and with proper use they can prevent malaria transmission by up to 90 percent in areas with high coverage rates.

We need to make sure that your member of Congress does everything possible to help get malaria prevention tools to the communities that need them.

Tell your representative that saving lives from malaria is your priority, and it should be theirs too. By raising your voice, you’re urging decision-makers to help protect millions of families from malaria by providing malaria prevention tools like insecticide-treated bed nets.

Send a letter to your members of Congress today.

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