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Tell Congress to Get Tough on High-Risk Chemical Plants


Did you know that the Department of Homeland Security has identified over 6,000 "high-risk" chemical plants in the United States? An accident or attack at just 300 of them would put 110 million Americans at risk.

Safer alternatives exist for poisonous gases used at chemical plants that would save lives in the event of an accident. The bottom-line is that the risks are preventable.

Take action: Help prevent disaster by supporting comprehensive chemical security legislation.

Nationwide, 287 plants have switched to safer and more secure chemicals or processes. This simple step has eliminated catastrophic risks to 38.5 million Americans. That's the good news. The bad news is that not all plants have adopted safer chemical technologies -- and they won't until laws are passed that require them to.

Chemical industry lobbyists have been working to block stronger legislation for nine years. In 2008, Greenpeace identified 169 lobbyists registered to keep Congress from enacting a strong chemical security law.

Take action: Tell Congress to put our safety ahead of profits and politics.

Find out how many chemical plants are located in your state by checking out this interactive map:

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U.S. Senate
I strongly urge you to pass legislation in the Senate based on the bill introduced in the House this summer (HR 2868). An attack on one U.S. chemical plant could kill thousands of people, but despite the warnings, little has been done to prevent such a disaster. According to the EPA, there are more than 100 million Americans are put at risk by just 300 high-risk chemical plants.

Please use your power in the Senate to pass a law that would help protect millions of Americans from undue danger. HR 2868 would ensure the use of safer, cost-effective chemical technologies to reduce the terrible consequences of a terrorist attack at a chemical plant.

The current temporary law actually bars safer technologies from being required and exempts thousands of dangerous chemical plants entirely while relying solely on conventional security -- guards, gates, and fences. Conventional security will do nothing to reduce the staggering loss of life and injuries from a successful terrorist attack at a chemical plant.

The House of Representatives recently passed a compromise version of H.R. 2868 that is the first-ever-comprehensive program to require, where feasible, cost-effective safer chemical processes at the 107 highest-risk plants. It's now up to the Senate to pass legislation that protects American communities still at risk by ensuring that more of the highest-risk plants use safer chemical technologies. Thank you for your time. I look forward to receiving your reply.

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