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As the health care debate continues in Washington, one fact remains: our nation's health care system still isn't meeting the needs of its people.

Every single day, people with serious medical conditions -- like cancer -- are denied health insurance. They're forced to decide between paying for treatment and feeding their families. They're going broke just to save their lives.

Debate is still happening in Congress and there is still time to make a difference. 

With enough signatures we can pressure Congress to do the right thing and act now on health care reform.  We'll then hand - deliver the petitions to Congress so lawmakers from both parties can see we are still fighting - and that they should too.

The fight for Health Care Reform has not been easy, but we've come too far and accomplished too much to let this effort fail.


Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
Our nation's health care system is not meeting the needs of its people, especially those with serious medical issues like cancer. Though the fight for health care reform has not been easy, we've come too far and accomplished too much to let this effort fail.

We call on Democrats, Republicans and Independents in the House and Senate to come together to pass a meaningful bill that improves access to insurance coverage and lowers the costs of care. No American should be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition, and no American should have to choose between their life savings and saving their life.

Now is not the time to turn back. To our leaders in Congress, we say: Move forward and pass health care reform. It's time to act.

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