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Tell Congress: Support Job Creation and Prosperity Economics


We have a failing economy, with high unemployment rates and a struggling middle class. But austerity economics and painful spending cuts that undermine the health and security of the middle class are not the answer.

Instead of austerity economics, we need prosperity economics -- which invest in our society to create greater health, broader security, increased equality of opportunity and more broadly distributed wealth.

We need to kickstart the economy with public investment that will create jobs and put Americans to work building a world-class infrastructure for transportation, communications, education, energy, and environmental protection, and providing vital public goods like education and police and fire protection.

Call for an economic plan that creates shared prosperity. Sign the petition to ask your members of Congress to support prosperity economics and public investment that will create jobs, putting Americans to work immediately.

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To fix our economy, I support prosperity economics not austerity economics.

Public investment will create jobs and put Americans to work immediately. This is central to prosperity economics, a bold new approach to economic reform that will rebuild a strong, secure middle class and grow our economy now and for future generations. The plan's principles and recommendations are outlined in "Prosperity Economics: Building an Economy for All," a bold new paper by Yale University professors Jacob Hacker and Nathaniel Lowentheil, available at

I believe we can create shared prosperity and actively strengthen our economy through policies that support the three pillars of prosperity economics: growth, security and democracy

- Growth: We must focus on dynamic, innovation-led growth. First, we need to jumpstart our sagging economy, and then, over the coming decades, we must invest in people and productivity that leads to good jobs and rising wages.

- Security: We need security for workers and their families, for the environment, and for our public finances. Our economy is boosted when working families feel secure about their futures, and programs like Social Security and Medicare that guarantee a secure retirement and access to health care are vital to creating that security.

- Democracy: For democracy to thrive, we must have accountability, democratic values and a system of government that isn't overwhelmed by money. We need strong Unions, and empowered citizens and community organizations to ensure that workers and the broader public have an organized, effective voice in our politics.

I believe in prosperity economics and I request that you work to strengthen our economy by advocating for policies that support growth, security and democracy.


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