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Tell Congress: No more cuts. Vote for the Emergency Jobs bill.


We have a jobs crisis in this country, and we know we can't cut our way to prosperity. Yet for too long, some members of Congress have pretended that brutally cutting the budget and irresponsibly cutting taxes for corporations and the wealthy will get people back to work.

The private sector will not create the jobs we need in this country any time soon, so it's up to the federal government to step in.

Rep. Jan Schakowsky has introduced the "Emergency Jobs to Restore the American Dream Act" that would put over 2 million people back to work and reduce unemployment by an estimated 1.3%. It's exactly the type of ambitious and aggressive response to the jobs crisis that we need.

Tell Congress: We don't need cuts, we need jobs. 

There's nothing mysterious or hard to understand about the bill.

Tens of millions of Americans are either unemployed or under-employed. Besides the personal pain this causes, the impact of legions of unemployed Americans on our economy is staggering.

At the same time, there's a huge need in our communities for more teachers, firefighters, health care workers and police officers. Many of our public schools are rundown and need to be repaired and upgraded. And there are all sorts of unmet community needs like maintaining our public parks that could be addressed by paying people to take them on.

The "Emergency Jobs to Restore the American Dream Act" would fund jobs programs to put millions of Americans back to work in these areas.

Large-scale federal jobs programs worked during the Great Depression, and they'll work now.

Tell Congress: We don't need cuts, we need jobs. 

It's time for Congress to stop using the jobs crisis as a pretext for even more corporate welfare and go big on the jobs front. The best way we can lower the federal deficit and get our economy moving again is getting people back to work.

Tell Congress: We don't need cuts, we need jobs. 

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