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The House-passed budget would slash Medicaid funding, devastating child health care coverage in many states.

Medicaid helps 28 million children get health care, including doctor visits, vaccinations, oral care and more. For more than 40 years, Medicaid has been vital to helping our neediest children grow, develop, and be healthy and ready to learn.
Our country won't grow stronger by allowing our children to get sicker. Instead, now is the time to bolster the protections to make this country great. Let's protect our most important investment: the well-being of our children.

Over half of the children who need Medicaid would be cut by 2021 if this proposed budget is passed. 

Go here to find out how many children in your state would be cut under the House budget proposal.
We can't leave states with so many uninsured children. State budgets are struggling already - cutting Medicaid this drastically would be disastrous, leaving many children in every state with no medical care and no other options.
Tell Congress to vote against any budget proposal that would take away health care for my state's most vulnerable children.

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Medicaid currently helps 28 million children receive health care. From vaccinations, well-child check-ups, and chronic disease management, to oral health and vision care, Medicaid ensures that children get the services they need to grow, develop, and go to school ready to learn.

If House Budget Chair Paul Ryan's proposed House budget (H.Con.Res 34) were to become law, 15-18 million children could lose Medicaid and access to health care by 2021. Risking the health of millions of our most vulnerable children for budget savings is unconscionable. While the Senate has rejected the Ryan budget--as the country has done--Medicaid and other children's programs are certain to be targeted in other budget plans and should be rejected.

I am writing to urge you to protect Medicaid because it protects the health of almost one third of the country's children. Please oppose the extreme proposal to cut Medicaid by $750 billion over the next decade, because our country's children need to grow, develop, and be healthy and ready to learn.

For a more prosperous America, we must protect our investments in our future innovators, workers and caretakers. No matter how you slice it, the House budget plan will leave millions of children uninsured, and that is unacceptable.

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