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Tell Congress: Invest in Juvenile Justice Funding

More than $7 million in additional cuts to juvenile justice funding will happen in January 2013 under the sequestration terms of the debt ceiling agreement passed last summer, if Congress can’t approve a deficit reduction plan by the end of the year.

Juvenile justice programs strengthen the nation's juvenile justice system, and support prevention and early intervention programs that make a critical difference for young people and their communities, and contribute to the prevention and reduction of youth crime and violence.

These programs enable states and communities to improve the juvenile justice system so that it provides critical treatment and rehabilitative services, in safe conditions, that are tailored to the needs of juveniles and their families; protects public safety; and, holds youthful offenders accountable. This reduction will gut proven state and community juvenile justice intervention programs that localities have used to keep youth and families safe, and keep juvenile crime rates down.

As Congress considers approving a Continuing Resolution and the Federal Budget for Fiscal Year 2013, it is urgent that juvenile justice funding is restored to increase public safety, and ensure the protection of children from the dangers of adult jails, improve safety for youth in custody, and increase fairness in the justice system.

Contact Congress to urge them to support investing in effective juvenile crime prevention programs and protect youth in the juvenile justice system.

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