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Our daughter, seventeen year old Jenny Olenick, died two years ago as a result of having a wisdom tooth extracted. Countless dozens of other young people have died in similar routine visits to the dental office.

Dental safety is an issue for all of us. No one is immune from something going wrong in the dental chair.  We must increase awareness of this issue by adopting a national day when focus and attention will be placed on the issue of dental safety, thereby increasing the opportunities for positive change.

No child should die, become ill, or injured as a result of a dental visit. Adopting a National Dental Safety Day on April 6 of each year will ensure that the focus on dental safety become a permanent, ongoing concern.


Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
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President of the United States
Children die every year as a result of routine procedures in dental offices. Currently there is an insufficient amount of concern and focus over the issue of safety in offices of dentists and oral surgeons. We urge you to make dental safety a priority by declaring April 6 as National Dental Safety Day.