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Tell Congress: For Mina & millions of cancer survivors, keep us covered

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Mina was a pretty normal 25-year old, and hadn’t thought much about health insurance. She had a plan for her life, but began having pain in her knee. After finishing graduate school, Mina thought she would just go a few months without health insurance before leaving for the Peace Corps. No big deal, right?

Turns out, it would have been a very big deal. Just three weeks after graduating in 2011, Mina found out the knee pain was something more. She had bone cancer.

Prior to her diagnosis, Mina’s parents had heard about a provision in the Affordable Care Act that allowed them to add Mina to their health insurance through age 26.  So they did.

It was a decision that perhaps saved Mina’s life, and prevented her family from going bankrupt paying for her treatment.

Over the next year, Mina had nine rounds of chemotherapy, a total knee replacement, and other surgeries. In 2012, the doctors gave her the all-clear.

Mina was so relieved that she had insurance and survived her cancer diagnosis. But, now she’s getting really worried.

Congress is considering repealing the Affordable Care Act and Mina doesn’t know how she would pay for treatment without health coverage if her cancer returned. And, because she’s a cancer survivor, she has a pre-existing condition. We can’t go back to a day when insurance companies could deny coverage to people like Mina with pre-existing conditions or simply make coverage unaffordable.

The current health care law needs to be improved. But if Congress repeals the law, they must replace it with something that provides people like Mina with coverage that’s as good or better.

For Mina and the millions of other cancer patients and survivors out there, please join us and tell Congress to #KeepUsCovered.

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