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Tell Congress: End the unaffordable war in Afghanistan

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In the face of brutal cuts to basic government services, it's unconscionable that we are spending hundreds of millions of dollars each day on the continued occupation of Afghanistan.

Millions of Americans are hurting from the economic crisis we're in, and our government is saying our country is too poor to help them. "We're broke" is the common refrain we hear to justify ripping holes in the social safety net. And the massive spending cuts Congress just passed are only the beginning.

There is something deeply wrong with our priorities as a country if we're cutting back on services for children and the elderly, the sick and the destitute, and anything that helps the middle class stay afloat while simultaneously spending over $110 billion a year on the unwinnable war in Afghanistan.

Congresswoman Barbara Lee has introduced a bill, the "Responsible End to the War in Afghanistan Act" (H.R. 780), which would prohibit the government from spending money to continue the war. Instead, money could only be used for the safe and orderly withdrawal of our forces.

Sign our petition telling your member of Congress to co-sponsor H.R. 780.

President Obama has pledged to start bringing troops home in July, but we don't yet know the size and scope of that withdrawal. And we've already seen hawks agitating for the withdrawal to be minimal.

The only sure-fire way to end the war in Afghanistan is for Congress to stop the funding for an endless occupation.

The public increasingly wants to see the war come to an end. Already two-thirds of Americans think it's no longer worth fighting. But war has an inertia, and it's easy for Congress to pay attention to the powerful special interests that support the conflict.

So we must continue to make sure members of Congress, regardless of their position on the war, continue to hear from those of us who passionately care about this issue.

It's time to bring our troops home and end the occupation. Telling your member of Congress to support Barbara Lee's bill is one of the clearest ways you can send that message.


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