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The U.S. government has said many things about the drug war, including that it's over. But as we've seen in recent months, the drug war continues to rage on -- as damaging and dangerous as ever.

We're tired of all the empty rhetoric about the drug war, and now that public opinion and state legislatures are moving in our favor, we need to show that there is broad public support for legalization and ending the war on drugs.

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I stand with Americans across the country in demanding an end to the war on drugs.

The war on drugs has destroyed lives in our country and sapped our nation's resources for nearly 40 years. It is widely agreed to be a failure, but has continued unabated.

Public opinion is increasingly against the war on drugs, and many states facing tight budgets have finally changed their policies to de-emphasize criminalization in favor of strategies that work.

The coalition of people who want to see the drug war end is one of the most diverse, broad-based alliances in America today: we come from every state in the nation and every spot on the political spectrum.

I stand with this coalition in demanding public accountability for the war on drugs, and serious consideration for legalization.

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