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Don’t cut programs that feed hungry families


For people living on the brink, food aid is a lifesaver - literally. But if some members of Congress get their way, programs that give food to people in desperate poverty worldwide will face drastic cuts up to $500 million.

We can’t let Congress make cuts that could force millions of families to go hungry.

Congress will be finalizing the budget in just a few weeks. Write your members of Congress now, and tell them not to cut food assistance for impoverished families around the globe.

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The world is facing a devastating food crisis. This year in the Horn of Africa alone, tensof thousands of people have already starved to death and hundreds of thousands more are on the brink. Worldwide, just under 1 billion people are undernourished, and that number is rising.

Funding for food aid programs makes up less than one-fifth of 1% of our budget – too small to make a significant difference in reducing the deficit – but the impact for the world’s poorest people is enormous..

I urge you to not cut funding for programs that give food to families who would otherwise go hungry. Right now, with massive food insecurity, rising food crisis, and a worldwide economic collapse, we cannot remove the lifeline that these people depend on.

Thank you.

Your constituent,

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