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Tell Congress: Don't Slash Wildlife Conservation


Congress is now formulating a comprehensive spending bill for the federal government -- and it's not looking good for our wildlife.

     --  The House of Representatives has slashed funding for the Multinational Species Conservation Fund, denying threatened and endangered sea turtles vital habitat protections and inching these ancient seafarers even closer to extinction.

     --  Congress is considering a 20% cut to programs that protect hundreds of threatened and endangered species -- animals like America's threatened polar bears. Without help, these beloved bears could disappear from our country by 2050.

     --  The House is considering significant cuts to the already underfunded National Wildlife Refuge System -- a move that would threaten the survival of rare Sonoran pronghorns and hundreds of other species.

We need to ensure that the budget axe doesn't swing on our nation's most vulnerable wildlife and wild places.

Take action now -- tell Congress to stand up for wildlife and keep America's treasures off the chopping block.

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