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Tell Congress: Don't shortchange kids with disabilities


There is a crisis in our country that affects millions of children and can prevent them from walking, talking, playing and succeeding in school.

Every year, we as a nation fail to identify 1.45 million children under the age of five who have learning and health issues. These children often have completely treatable developmental delays, but may never receive the proper diagnosis for their special needs nor the qualified treatment they need to catch up.

It's a crisis that you have the power to end.

Send your message to lawmakers today before another child is deprived of crucial treatment that she needs to start school with other kids her age. Help us send 20,000 letters!  

Budget cuts at the state and federal level threaten the ability for young children with undiagnosed special needs to receive the right treatment at the right time – before they reach their fifth birthday.  With the number of children with special needs growing every year, we can’t cut funding for crucial services for these kids now – we must increase resources for programs in the coming years.

With Congress preparing to negotiate next year’s budget, it’s critical that they hear our voices too.

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U.S. House of Representatives
Every year, we as a nation fail to identify 1.45 million children, all under the age of five, who have a disability or are at risk for developmental delay, and programs that diagnose and treat these children as early as possible are chronically underfunded.

That's why I strongly oppose any cuts to funding for the Part C early intervention program of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. Don't address our nation's deficit by robbing children of their chance to a strong start in life.

I also hope you will seek to grow funding for Part C by up to $100 million in the coming years. There is no better investment in our children.

Committed to the cause,

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