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On the eve of a possible federal government shutdown, hundreds of thousands of federal workers and members of the military are looking at being forced to stay home and not be paid for their time. On April 7, 2011 both houses of Congress voted on and failed to pass emergency resolutions that would prevent members of both the House of Representatives and the Senate from collecting their pay before a deal is reached. It is a sad day in America's history when the people employed by all tax-paying Americans believe that they deserve pay over other federal workers when the reason that those other federal workers are being forced to stay home and not earn their pay is their own fault.

Sign this petition and tell Congress that 'We The People' demand that all members of Congress refuse to accept pay until a plan is passed for the upcoming fiscal year, and urge Congress to stand in solidarity with ALL federal workers and not accept pay for the time between the deadline on 11:59 PM April 8, 2011 and the time that the fiscal budget is passed, just as other federal workers will have to do in the event of a government shutdown. All members of Congress work for the people of the United States of America and should be subject to the same rules of pay as other federal workers and military members during a government shutdown!

Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
I am writing you today to urge that you refuse to accept your pay until a plan is passed for the upcoming fiscal year. It is hypocrisy for Congress as a whole to be claiming that they are working to make more jobs, fail to pass a plan for the upcoming fiscal year that could potentially cause a government shutdown, forcing hundreds of thousands of federal workers to stay home unpaid, and on top of that accept pay while others are "temporarily out of work". It is your job . Furthermore, its a slap in the face to not only federal workers, but the entire American public when both houses fail (or refuse) to pass emergency resolutions that bar Congress, whom members are federal workers, from collecting their pay. If hundreds of thousands of other federal workers will be forced to stop working and earning their pay, I believe that ALL members of Congress should do likewise and refuse to accept salary compensation before a fiscal budget can be agreed upon and passed by both houses of Congress.

Collectively, 'We the People' demand that in the event that a fiscal plan is not passed by 11:59 PM Friday, April 7, 2011, that ALL members of Congress immediately refuse to collect salary, or any compensation monetary or otherwise, for the time it takes from the deadline to the passage of the fiscal plan. It is a dark day in America's history when members of Congress believe that they are entitled to their salaries because of their status as members of Congress before other federal workers can collect their hard earned salaries.

Do what is right: Do Not Take Pay Until We All Can!