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Tell Congress: Adopt a Vision for Better Care


Millions of Americans suffer needlessly because our health care system does not provide coordinated, quality care to those who need it most. Our most vulnerable patients – older adults with multiple health problems and their families – are not getting the health care they need and deserve. Consider this:

• 78% of Americans age 55 and older are dealing with at least one chronic health condition like diabetes, heart disease or dementia.

• And older adults with five or more chronic health conditions have an average of 37 doctor visits, see 14 different doctors, and get 50 separate prescriptions each year.

From harmful drug interactions to duplicate tests and procedures to conflicting diagnoses and contradictory medical instructions, the system is failing millions of us.

There is a better way. Doctors should talk to one another, medical records should be at our fingertips, and patients (and their families) should not have to fend for themselves.

The Campaign for Better Care is working in partnership with patients, families, health care providers, hospitals and others to advance a “Vision for Better Care.”

Tell Congress today to Adopt a Vision for Better Care. 

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I want comprehensive, coordinated, affordable care that meets my needs. Here’s what better care means to me:

• I have a doctor and other health care providers who really know me, and have time to listen to me and help me get the best care.
• My doctors, specialists and nurses talk to each other so I don’t get conflicting advice, suffer from medication errors, or waste time and money on duplicate tests and procedures.
• My doctors and other health care providers have all my information at their fingertips.
• I get full information about all my treatment options, and work together with my health care providers to make the best decisions for me.
• My health care providers are always available when I need them so I can avoid unnecessary trips to the emergency room and hospitalizations. There’s a “point person” I can call to ask questions or get help, and a place to resolve my concerns or complaints.
• I get linked to services in my community that help me manage my condition and live independently for as long as possible.
• I get safe, quality care in the hospital so I don’t end up sicker from a medical error or hospital infection.
• When I am discharged, I have a plan so I know how to take care of myself and a doctor and other providers who coordinate my follow-up care so I don’t end up back in the hospital or in a nursing home unnecessarily.

I want better care for myself and everyone in my community. We can’t heal every illness, but we can heal our health care system.


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