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Tell Citibank to Stop Offering Discounts on Shark Meat

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Update (7/23/10): More than 75 readers petitioned Citibank Singapore to stop offering cardholders discounts on shark meat. In fewer than 24 hours, the company responded and agreed to cancel the promotion. Get the full story here.

Shark populations are in hot water. A global appetite for shark fin soup has caused some species of the swimmers to decline by as much as 99 percent. Every year, 100 million sharks are killed, oftentimes through "finning," a brutal process where fishermen catch the fish, slice off their fins, and throw the sharks back into the water to die.

Despite sharks' precarious survival, Citibank Singapore offers its cardholders a 15 percent discount at Imperial Court Shark Fin's Restaurant, which serves up shark fin and other seafood dishes.

Tell Citibank it needs to stop providing incentives to the detriment of the world's oceans. Sign our petition asking Citibank Singapore to stop running its shark fin promotion.

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