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Tell Churches to do more to help people hit hard by the recession


As a student and follower of Christ, I know that if he walked the earth today he would not be in a big building collecting offerings, flying jets, and living in mansions while his children are hurting and struggling.  Jesus when he walked this earth he was a field worker and was in the poor communities giving hope, bringing justice to the oppressed and serving others.  When I drive to work every morning, I see homeless people, people hit hard by the recession sleeping outside of churches and on church lawns. This is deplorable and unacceptable. I am articulating the anger and frustration the people in these communities feel about churches and the Christian community.  Jesus would not allow this if he was alive.  The Church is supposed to be God’s House! If these people can’t find refuge in God’s house where will they find it? I'll tell you where, drugs, alcohol, and vices. Churches are not social clubs but a place where the sick get well! I ask that churches do more to help  families hit hard by the recession and the poor, not just preaching wealth health, not just preaching to one particular race, but giving food, shelter, and substance to all people.  The churches should be filled with these people.  Again, we ask that churches step up and do more in this time of need!

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