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Petitioning Chicken of the Sea Mr. Bixler

Tell Chicken of the Sea that it's time to end its destructive ways


Chicken of the Sea has been rolling out their PR big guns trying to cover up the fact that they employ some of the most barbaric fishing methods out there. They aren’t just attacking Greenpeace they are attempting to discredit anyone who would challenge their destructive practices -- including you. 

It’s disgusting and it’s not going to work. Not when so many people like you who care about the ocean are taking action. 

The more we keep the pressure on Chicken of the Sea the sooner they are going to realize that expensive PR firms aren’t going to make the problem go away. 

Let them know that you’re not going away by sending company executives a direct message today!

Letter to
Chicken of the Sea Mr. Bixler
You have received a letter with almost 60,000 signatures on it. This is in addition to other attempts to start a constructive dialogue that have been led by Greenpeace.

Instead of engaging in a conversation you have chosen to work with industry front groups and PR firms to try to cover up your destructive practices on the water and focus your resources on personally attacking anyone who cares about the fate of the oceans.

I know that together we can solve this problem. But it is going to take a willingness on your side that you haven't yet shown.

Please start seriously talking with Greenpeace and all of us who care about the oceans. We aren't going away until you do.


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