Tell to add a Men's Rights section!

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Tell to add a Men's Rights section!

This petition had 1,616 supporters offers a Women's Rights section, but has no Men's Rights section.  We find this appalling.  How can a site that regularly promotes petitions about equality ignore half the population? 

Men suffer much discrimination in today's world. 

Fathers in family court are not treated equally to mothers.  Approximately 75-80% of cases end up with mothers getting sole custody, even when the fathers were the stay-at-home parent and they asked for equal custody.  (1)

Men are routinely called perpetrators of domestic violence, even though half of all DV is mutual, and the rest is evenly divided between men and women.  This discrimination starts at the top (AG Holder) and trickles all the way down to neighborhood abuse shelters.  Men abused by women are often arrested instead of given support.  (2)

These are just a few examples.

And it's not like we haven't asked.  This is the response we received:

"Your concern and passion is very much appreciated. We'd love to add a category for every cause out there and hopefully one day we will. That being said, starting a new cause and making sure it is filled with content, actions and a team to help deliver victories is no small task. The category you've recommended would be a great cause and as soon as we have the ability to support it, we would love to do so. Until then, we hope that you'll work with us to fit these issues into our existing causes and create change to make the world a better place. Thank you for sharing this action with us and using"

Tell that discriminating against men is wrong. Tell them to add a Men's Rights section.











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This petition had 1,616 supporters

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