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Tell Cardiff and Vale University health board to pay urgent healthcare costs – 5 years of malpractice

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My name is Lisa and my brother Nick and I are campaigning for the payment of £15,000 including expenses for a German hospital bill along with a request for further funding after serious UK medical neglect.

I had a routine surgery due to a prolapsed disc in 2007 in Cardiff that caused a rare surgical complication of massive loss of cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) I was left at home for a month with terrible pain and leaking CSF which formed a rare, giant, tense pseudomeningocele at the base of my spine (protruding sack of spinal fluid).  I eventually underwent a life-saving repair of my spinal cord membranes to stop the leakage of CSF.  I have never neurologically recovered from this complication as I have chronic nerve pain in my brain and cervical spine and I have zero quality of life. Prior to this, I was a post graduate student at Oxford University. 

For 5 years I was left to suffer without adequate medical care or a clear diagnosis. I was experiencing daily seizures-like tremors and a retroflexed cranial head position. I was forced to leave the country in October 2012 and seek medical treatment from a German Professor of Neurosurgery. He identified a tethered cord syndrome, ubiquitous Leptomeningitis, Aseptic Meningitis, Arachnoiditis and high CSF pressure. I underwent 3 complex spinal procedures. (See videos)

An operation to de-tether the spinal cord is done in the UK but this procedure wasn’t offered to me and I was left to suffer unnecessarily.

He also diagnosed cranial nerve damage but I have to seek a further specialist for this treatment.

The Cardiff and Vale University Health Board have refused to pay for this treatment despite appealing their decision. They claim that the operations were not urgent and that there was no case of 'undue delay.' The Health Board have repeatedly blocked my access to medical treatment for over 5 years now.  

As UK citizens we are entitled to medical treatment from an EU country (see letter below). By blocking this access to treatment, the health board are breaching my human rights. Please see information below regarding our rights to EU treatment.

Please see the video evidence and sign this petition agreeing that 5 years of torturous pain requires urgent treatment and a 5 year delay in treatment is definitely a case of 'undue delay'. 

Please sign our petition so that I can be granted the £15,000 including expenses for an operation that should have been carried out in the UK. Plus support our campaign for further funding to treat my debilitating brain and cervical spine symptoms.

Thank you for your support. This injustice could really happen to anyone suffering from a surgical complication. 

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