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Canadian seals are facing an unprecedented environmental disaster. And shockingly, the Canadian government has sanctioned the slaughter of the few survivors.

Each year, mother harp seals travel for thousands of kilometers from Greenland to Canada in an arduous annual migration to give birth to their pups on the sea ice that forms off Canada's east coast.

But over the past thirty years, there has been a steady decline in sea ice cover in the northwest Atlantic. For the first year on record, virtually no sea ice has formed in key seal birthing areas. The impact on seals will be devastating. Unprecedented numbers of pups may die.

What's worse is that despite this environmental tragedy, the Canadian government has refused to cancel the 2010 commercial seal hunt. Which means the few remaining pups who manage to survive on the tiny pans of ice in the ocean, will be subjected to the largest slaughter of marine mammals on earth.

It will be a slaughter of the survivors.

But you can make a difference for seals right now. Please contact Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and demand that the 2010 commercial seal hunt be cancelled. Please remember to be polite and professional and to personalize the subject line and text so that your message stands out.

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Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Member of Parliament Calgary Southwest Stephen Harper
Leader, Conservative Party of Canada / Chef, Parti Conservateur du Canada Stephen Harper
Harp seals are facing an ecological disaster.

They need the sea ice to give birth to and nurse their young. But this year, Environment Canada reports the lowest ice formation on record off Canada's east coast. For the first year, there was virtually no sea ice formation in key seal birthing areas. Mass pup mortalities are expected as a result.

In the short term, we cannot halt the devastating impacts of climate change on these seals. But, a responsible government must take action to save the pups who survive.

If the 2010 commercial seal hunt takes place, the few seal pups who live through this disaster will be clubbed and shot to death as they cling to tiny pans of ice. The world is watching Canada's commercial seal hunt this year. Please protect both the seals and Canada's international reputation: Cancel the 2010 commercial seal hunt.

In the longer term, I urge you to consider the extremely negative animal welfare, ecological, and economic impacts of the commercial seal hunt, and end it for good.

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