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Tell Campus Vacations: Stop the Sexist Ads

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Campus Vacations, a company dedicated to organizing group travel and skiing trips for students, is the creator of the sexist ad pictured above. This ad is featured both on their website ( and was being handed out on not just my own campus at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst but at many more. 

This ad, features three partially clothed women in nothing but their underwear and "cute winter gear" surrounding a fully clothed man ready to go skiing. It's obvious the idea Campus Vacations is trying to promote is that if you are a man signing up for one of their trips, women will love you and sleep with you. Not only does this completely alienate the female market but it also puts forth the idea that women are merely sex objects and the women going on these ski trips have no interest in actually skiing and more of an interest in meeting men. Campus Vacations should be trying to appeal to all audiences, not just a male market. 

It's important for our society not to accept blatantly sexist advertisements promoting the idea that women are merely sex objects and objectifying woman in a way as if they are just a product. I don't think it is too much to ask for women to be treated as real people with real interests. Sign this petition to show your support against this advertisment and others like it!

The goal of this petition is to stop Campus Vacations' current use of their sexist ad pictured above and to stop using sexist advertisements in the future to promote their company. 

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