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Tell California's Attorney General to Hold Water Bottlers Accountable to the Law

Since 2009, bottled water sold in California is required to provide information on the label as to the source of the water and also two ways in which consumers can contact the water bottling company to get a report on the quality of the water.

Now, two years later, most water bottlers are not compliant. A new report from the Environmental Working Group looked at 96 different kinds of bottled water in the state and found that only 24 percent were following the law. EWG also found that labels on bottles sold in California listed their source less often than those on labels sold in other states.

California lawmakers wisely decided that consumers have the right to where their bottled water comes from and have the right to information that will let them know the quality of the water they are buying, but companies are flat out refusing to provide this information or trying to get around it. It's time to make them live up to the law.

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