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Tell California Farmers' Market to Stop Selling Live Birds


The Heart of the City Farmers' Market at the United Nations Plaza in San Francisco sells many fresh fruits, vegetables and meats. However, they also sell live chickens, pheasants, chuckers and quail.

Vendors say there's nothing wrong with the way they handle the birds, but animal advocates think otherwise. 

The live birds are stuffed into crates for transport and when a person makes a purchase, they take their bird home in a plastic bag. At home, the birds are killed and cooked.

Despite numerous animal cruelty complaints, no charges have been filed. California exempts poultry from animal cruelty laws but that doesn't mean birds should be mistreated.

The Heart of the City Farmers' Market is the only market in the city to allow live birds to be purchased.

Urge the market to stop allowing vendors to sell live birds.


Photo credit: Brent Moore


Letter to
Market Manager Christine Adams
I am concerned for the welfare of the live chickens, pheasants, chuckers and quail that are sold at The Heart of the City Farmers' Market and I urge you to stop allowing vendors to sell live animals.

Many of the birds are transported to and from the market stuffed into tiny crates. After a bird is selected for purchase, it is put into a plastic bag and sent home with the customer to be killed and cooked.

Though California excludes poultry from animal cruelty laws, that doesn't mean it's right for birds to be mistreated and inhumanely slaughtered.

I applaud your market for providing fresh and local products. However, I believe the sale of live birds is wrong. No other market in the city allows live poultry to be purchased.

Please stop the sale of live birds at The Heart of the City Farmers' Market.

Thank you.

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