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Tell Cal State Professors Shouldn't Promote Thai Sex Tourism

By day, Kenneth Ng is an economics professor at California State University Northridge. But by afternoons, evenings, and weekends, he's the man behind a website which teaches men how to navigate the "Thailand Girl Scene," as Ng calls the rampant sex tourism which takes place in tourist areas of Thailand. But despite complaints from at least one large group of international businessmen, the University has refused to take any action against Ng, including asking him to take the site down. You can tell California State University administrators about the overwhelming human trafficking in the Thai sex industry and ask them to stop protecting Kenneth Ng.

Letter to
President, CSUN Dr. Jolene Koester
Associate Director, Marketing and Programs Shannon Krajewski
I recently learned that one of your professors, Kenneth Ng, is running a website promoting sex tourism in Thailand. Media reports have stated that the California State University Northridge will take no action against Professor Ng or his website. I find that news incredibly disturbing, both because of the blatant objectification of women on the website and the high instances of human trafficking and child sexual exploitation in the Thai sex industry.

Professor Ng's website paints Thailand as a place full of desperate women willing to do anything for the chance to get some money from their rich white saviors. His language is offensive both to women and people of Thai decent. He describes the country as “a girl hill (similar to an anthill) crawling with hordes of young people, half of whom are female," and states that, "the naysayers will say its creepy to be hanging around the Muariti Shrine, hitting on the emotionally vulnerable girls desperately praying ... but I beg to differ." Professor Ng’s website, while his personal project, is morally repugnant and represents a disturbing misogyny.

Hundreds of thousands of women and children have been trafficked into commercial sex is Thailand, primarily to serve Western tourists like Mr. Ng. And his are a huge reason for so many women and children being forced into prostitution against their will. To use the terminology of the subject he teaches, Mr. Ng is driving up demand for sex with women and children by encouraging men to buy sex in Thailand. Thus, his website is also driving human trafficking.

As an esteemed institution of higher learning, I expected California State University Northridge will hold its professors to the highest moral standards, especially when it comes to treating women and people of all ethnicities as equals. I request that you instruct Mr. Ng to take down his website, upon penalty of dismissal from his position. Doing so would be taking a stand for the protection of women and girls around the world.


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