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Petitioning Bridgeview Trustees

Tell Bridgeview to Stop Killing Community Cats

The Cook County Board passed an ordinance in 2007, allowing feral cat caretakers to trap, neuter, and return community or feral cats in the county. The village of Bridgeview, Ill., decided it didn't like the Cook County ordinance and passed an ordinance fining a person up to $500 a day for operating a feral cat colony.

This has created a haven for fertile felines in the County and the Cook County States Attorney filed a lawsuit against Bridgeview.

Tell the Bridgeview Trustees to overturn their ordinance and allow trap, neuter, return to continue. It's the humane thing to do.


Letter to
Bridgeview Trustees
Bridgeview's feral cat ordinance is a waste of tax dollars and lives.

Feral or “community” cats exist throughout the world. According to a study done by John Dunham and Associates for Best Friends Animal Society there are approximately 862,110 feral cats in Cook County alone, with 5,600 of them residing in the village of Bridgeview.

Cook county's ordinance makes it legal for residents to manage feral cat colonies if they comply with rather stringent regulations.

The Cook County Feral Cat Ordinance has been helping reduce the number of ferals in the county. Licensed caretakers manage more than 313 colonies. More than 3,500 feral cats have been sterilized and vaccinated against rabies since the program began. The number of feral cats coming into the shelters has dropped precipitously. Indeed, one of the organizations that sponsors 47 colonies reported seeing the number of cats drop from 634 to 444 in the first year.

Your ordinance outlawing trap, neuter and return has made Bridgeview a haven for fertile felines. Cats know no boundaries.

Please repeal your ordinance and stop the costly litigation. It's the humane thing to do.