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BP is actually trying to paint themselves as the real victim of their massive oil spill. They underestimated the damage they inflicted on the Gulf, and now they're trying to backpedal out of the oil spill settlement agreement their own corporate lawyers wrote.

BP is blaming the Judge. BP is blaming the claims administrator. BP is blaming the accountants. BP is blaming the lawyers. Worse, BP is blaming the people and businesses of the Gulf. According to BP, the innocent party is BP itself.

Tell BP to stop the backpedaling and live up to their agreement.

Letter to
Scott Dean, British Petroleum
Geoff Morrell, British Petroleum
In America, we honor our agreements.

BP is not the victim in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. In fact, your lawyers wrote your settlement. Just because you underestimated the damage you did, it doesn't make that damage any less.

Instead of spending millions on PR, stop backpedaling and make good on your agreement.

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