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Tell BP: Clean up, don't cover up!


The Associated Press reports that "glaring errors and omissions in BP's oil spill response plans have exposed a slapdash effort to follow environmental rules, outraging Gulf Coast residents who can see on their beaches how unprepared the company was."

It's come out that BP´s 2009 response plan for the Gulf of Mexico lists a scientist who died in 2005 as one of their wildlife experts. It also includes plans for rescuing walrus, sea lions, otters and seals, none of which live anywhere near the Gulf.

On top of sorry first response efforts, it appears that BP has been trying to block photos of dead animals from reaching the press. Instead of encouraging the first-hand accounts and photos of clean up workers to be released, the company is spending millions on advertising to put its own spin on this horrific disaster. BP has dropped lots of cash on paid search advertising on Google and Yahoo so that when you search for “oil spill” online, BP’s own greenwashed sites come up.

It's time to tell BP to stop covering up and start cleaning up. Please sign and share this petition on Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter.

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Tell BP: Clean up, don't cover up!

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BP America
I'm shocked that BP would spend millions on advertising at a time when more funds for clean up efforts in the Gulf are desperately needed.

I'm angry that BP staff would even think about discouraging clean up workers from sharing their personal accounts of the destruction, including their photos of dead animals and polluted shores. We need to hear directly from the people from the Gulf whose lives have been forever afflicted by this horrific oil spill. Americans are fed up with BP's response to this crisis and all attempts to minimize its impact.

The message is loud and clear, BP: Clean up, don't cover up!


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