Encourage Boeing and Airbus to Make Air Travel Accessible For All

Encourage Boeing and Airbus to Make Air Travel Accessible For All

June 6, 2023
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Started by Pekka Paavonpera

We the undersigned, call on Boeing Co and Airbus to include as quickly as possible and as standard, full accessibility features on all future manufactured and refurbished commercial aircraft which would allow disabled passengers (if they wish) to bring their wheelchairs onboard and remain in them for the duration of their flight.Further, the undersigned call for all Boeing Co and Airbus commercial aircraft to include at least one fully accessible bathroom for wheelchair users.
The undersigned also urge Boeing Co and Airbus to consult closely with:
*Delta Flight Products and UK-based consortium Air4All who have recently unveiled a full prototype of a seating system which converts a standard passenger seat to an accommodation for wheelchair restraint. PriestmanGoode is design lead in the consortium

 * non-profit All Wheels Up, the only organization in the world to have crash tested wheelchair restraints and wheelchairs to aviation standards.
 Wheelchair spaces are desperately needed as there have not been any accessibility improvements made by commercial airlines and aircraft manufacturers for decades, meaning those passengers who are mobility disabled have to be manhandled onto and off flimsy, narrow and uncomfortable aisle chairs; wheeled on and off aircraft; and then physically lifted into and out of their seats. This also applies if the disabled passenger needs to use the bathroom during the flight.
 This is not only inhuman and humiliating, but often results in the passenger being injured, sometimes seriously. 
 Wheelchairs stowed along with luggage also face a very high probability of being damaged. This on-going problem would be eliminated if passengers could bring their wheelchairs onboard.
 There are currently 4 million wheelchair users in the USA according to the census figures; 4 million in the EU, and millions more in the developing world.
 It is estimated the disability community spends over $58B on travel annually with this figure to grow once airlines implement accessibility features for the mobility disabled. 
Research shows that the implementation of the requested accessible features would not have adverse effects on airline income, but could in fact, increase revenue as it would encourage more of the estimated 15 percent of the population who are disabled, to travel, or travel more.
 Disabled travelers have as much right at the fully abled to travel as comfortably and as safely as possible. We call on Boeing Co and Airbus to make this right a reality and to issue media statements that they will start work towards that goal.
Thank You.



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Signatures: 3,558Next Goal: 5,000
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