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Tell Boehner: Women's health is NOT a pawn

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It's really come to this.

The GOP is so focused on pushing their anti-woman agenda that they're willing to shut down the entire federal government over funding for Planned Parenthood.

We're talking about punishing hundreds of thousands of federal workers, American families, and the health of women -- all because Republicans are unwilling to fund family planning and cancer screenings, which not only saves lives but saves money!

Know what's fiscally responsible? Creating the jobs that were promised instead of taking away health care that will cause more abortions and higher health care costs.

So let's get real: this is about holding women's health hostage for a divisive social agenda that does nothing to help our economy or create jobs.

That's why we're fighting back against Speaker Boehner and his cronies, who couldn't be more cavalier about women's health.

Take action today and tell Boehner today: we know this government shutdown is about waging war on women, and we won't take it. We simply will not tolerate the GOP using our rights as a pawn in their political games.

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