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McCann Digital, a large advertising agency, has just put out this campaign on behalf of Barcadi titled the Ugly Girlfriend” Campaign.




From Women's Media Center:

McCann Digital has teamed up with Bacardi Breezers to target their beverages to women, who “want to look amazing this summer” by accessorizing with “an ugly girlfriend.”   Of course, there are different options – and each is ripped apart by describing different  woman as having, “97 kilograms of femininity, strength and double chins,” “rubbing thighs,” and “drooping breasts.” Apparently, having them by your side will make you, “the most desirable piece of meat on the grill.”

It’s not clear what overly sweet wine coolers    – it really just seems to take a very nauseating, pointless dig at women – displaying blatant misogyny and using it to sell their products to women themselves.

If you'd like tweet about the campaign, you can use this sample message to get the word out:

Yo! @bacardiblive & @McCannDigital being sexist toward women isn't a smart tactic to get them to buy your product -

Letter to
McCann Digital
Chief Marketing Officer of Bacardi Paul Wright
The new Bacardi advertisement campaign “Ugly Girlfriend” by McCann Digital is offensive, derogatory and sexist toward women.

The media campaign, online assets and social media campaign should be pulled from all outlets and an apology should be posted by the CEO of Bacardi as well as McCann Digital for trying to sell these products to women via sexist tactics.

This isn't an advertising campaign that will win over the hearts and minds of women, but rather it will turn them off from the brand and make them boycott the product.

It's time to stop denigrating women in order to sell your products. There is no place for sexism within advertising and it is time to stop.

It's time for an apology.