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Tell Barack Obama to Nominate Robert Reich to lead the Fed.


He's focused on the economics that best serve people.

Letter to
President of the United States
We humbly ask you to nominate Robert Reich as the next chairperson of the Federal Reserve.

Mr. Reich brings a vast wealth of knowledge regarding our economy, first working under Presidents Ford and Carter before assuming the responsibilities of Labor Secretary for President Bill Clinton.

We believe that nominating Robert Reich to lead the Fed would place our nation's bank in the hands of a skilled, insightful economist capable of directing the Fed towards rational, effective choices that benefit the nation's economy. Moreover, he also brings the progressive values and a commitment to advocate for sensible monetary policy that emphasizes people and the greater well being of our society as the central foci of our economy alongside the balance sheets, quarterly earnings, and production capacity of our corporations.

In short, we believe that Robert Reich is an apt candidate to lead the Fed away from the policies that exacerbate the dangerous trend of growing economic inequality that has led to the dissolution of so many other economies and promising societies that came before us. In other words, we believe that he is the candidate most prepared to change course backs towards balance, sensibility, and fairness.

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