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Bank of America Announces Opposition to Marriage Discrimination in NC

Standing on the Side of Love

Mar 15, 2012 — I am excited to write to you today with news we just received from Rev. James Leach, a strong local advocate in North Carolina against Amendment One, the amendment on the ballot in North Carolina that would ban marriage, civil unions and domestic partnerships between same-gender couples.

In a recent video address, Bank of America announced its opposition to Amendment One. Watch the video:

“I am heartened that, at last, a high level executive is using her voice and influence to join those of us who know that this amendment is not only inconsistent with our shared values of compassion, equality and justice, but is also bad for business in our state,” Rev. Leach told us.

Your support made this victory possible. Thank you for lending your voice to this effort for justice and dignity.

Please share this video, and be on the lookout for more opportunities to support marriage equality for all Americans.

Dan Furmansky
Standing on the Side of Love