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Banfield is the world's largest vet practice with over 750 veterinary hospitals in the U.S. The company protects the welfare of dogs by not allowing elective surgeries such as ear cropping, tail docking and debarking. However, they continue to declaw cats.

Like ear cropping and tail docking, declawing is an elective amputation surgery. There is no medical reason for removing a cat's claws, and the surgery is often painful and can lead to behavioral problems. The procedure has been deemed inhumane and banned in over 37 countries and a handful of cities in the U.S. and Canada. Most of the problems that people have with their cats' claws can be solved through behavior modification and non-surgical techniques.

Ask Banfield to look out for the welfare of their feline patients, in addition to dogs, and stop offering routine declawing surgeries.

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Letter to
Karen K. Faunt, DVM
Karen Johnson, DVM
Jeffrey S. Klausner, DVM
and 3 others
Bob Lester, DVM
Elizabeth Lund, DVM
Kerri Marshall, DVM
Thank you for no longer offering non-medically necessary ear cropping, tail docking and debarking on dogs. As the world's largest veterinary practice, your policies can influence the entire field of veterinary medicine and protect countless animals from elective, and often painful, procedures.

However, I was disappointed to learn on that you continue to declaw cats. There are no medically necessary reasons for routine declawing surgeries and most behavioral concerns can be addressed through non-surgical techniques and behavioral modification.

Declawing has been deemed inhumane and banned in over 37 countries around the world and some cities in the U.S. and Canada. I urge Banfield to continue being a leader in veterinary medicine and discontinue performing routine declaw surgeries.

Thank you.

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