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There has been a rash of crimes committed against animals in Baltimore. These acts of cruelty range from the three children attacking and killing an 8-week-old puppy with belts and sticks, to a 13-year-old stoning a dog to death, to a pit bull being doused with gasoline and set on fire. 

While the city's Anti-Animal Abuse Task Force found that Baltimore has decent laws regarding animal cruelty, local police are often unaware about what the laws are and apathetic about enforcing them. This has to change.

Tell the Baltimore Police Commissioner to follow the advice of Task Force member Randall Lockwood and institute at least four hours of training in animal abuse investigations and cruelty law. 

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Letter to
Baltimore Police Commissioner Frederick H. Bealefeld, III
I was recently reading on about the rash of crimes committed against animals in Baltimore. I am deeply troubled by this situation, and I'm sure you are as well.

Please implement the suggestion of the Anti-Animal Abuse Task Force and require Baltimore police officers to undergo a minimum of four hours of training in abuse investigations and cruelty law.

While the problem of cruelty towards animals isn't going to disappear in Baltimore overnight, giving the city's police officers the training, knowledge, and tools to deal with these awful crimes might very well make a big difference.

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